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About Aviation Covers

Made to withstand the harshest of weather, Aviation Covers are built to last. We use high-quality WeatherMax fabric and have a unique manufacturing method to craft covers for all types of aircraft.

About Us

Custom Made Aircraft Covers

Our covers are fully bespoke and therefore made to measure. We can measure your aircraft ourselves or pull from our existing data bank to ensure a great fitting aircraft cover.

UK Aircraft Covers

Aviation Upholstery

Well-maintained aircraft interiors can make all the difference when it comes to retaining value and looking better. We refurbish interiors and provide upholstery services to bring your aircraft interior back to its former glory.

Aircraft Upholstery

Aircraft Directory

Discover our aircraft directory, which is full of aircraft that we have worked with previously. Our directory provides details of what covers we can provide for each different aircraft.

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Aviation Covers That Are
Built To Last

Our covers are made and manufactured in the UK. We take pride in providing durable and reliable aircraft covers. Our covers are designed to last for years making them an excellent investment comparative to the cost of the damage they prevent.

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The Process At Aviation Covers

Arrange A Consultation

Firstly we get to know you and learn more about your aircraft. We arrange either a face-to-face consultation or over the phone/zoom (whichever is the most comfortable and practical for you). The purpose of this is to learn about your aircraft and also your specifications.

We Measure And Design

After the consultation, we can measure and design your cover. We can do this by viewing your aircraft or relying on our existing data bank of aircraft measurements.

We Manufacture Your Aircraft Cover

Once we have passed the measuring and design phase, we are then able to manufacture your aircraft cover. We use a combination of precision machinery and quality workmanship to achieve covers that last.

Aviation Covers Installation

Once we have manufactured your cover, it is ready to be installed. We can provide guidance on how to install your cover or can even arrange to install this for you.